† personal seal

Was trying to get myself a personal seal a while ago...
I don't think the hiragana rubber sticker homemade one is going to work at bank tellers. The "八尾" one bought in 100yen store intriguingly might just work, except that I might be stuck with that Kanji characters for my name forever, or at least while I am in Japan.

I have been able to excuse myself from having a personal seal in Japan for a year already. It seems that they don't really push a BAKA Gaijin to have a seal anymore, as long as that BAKA Gaijin is smart enough to be able to sign his/her name using a pen.

And thank god my ancestors that my last name is pretty short and it actually fits the 6mm or 8mm circle that is originally designed for a personal seal every time without any hard work involved. I feel sorry for my friends who have names like "Constantinople" or "von Hindenburg" or something. They sure sound cool and I want to have these names too. But they don't really work that well in Japan because of that little 8mm circle. And its probably also really hard to fit "コンスタンティノープル" onto a 8mm diameter seal.

No complain with my last name, at least its easy to write, even easier to pronounce.
by yao-san | 2010-05-13 01:17 | 日和
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